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Ratings: 4/10
Realeased on: 2016
Genre(s): Drama,Fantasy
Star Cast: AmyFerguson,AnnaMouglalis,MorganSpector

Userviews: 11667
Userrating: 60/100
Imdb: tt4972582

Synopsis: The film depicts the surreal and epic journey of a young actress as she gets to claim her own darkness and sexuality so she can stop letting her abusive lover take advantages of it..

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I was surprised to see that this movie was released last year (as I'm writing this) and I didn't heard about it, taking in consideration how promising the plot is.

Split is about three girls get kidnapped by a man with dissociative identity disorder (DID) that has 23 personalities. I have to say that this movie does not represent what DID really is and how people who struggle with it are, mainly because this movie gets a bit too fantastical sometimes. It doesn't try to be strictly realistic though, so it's an awesome thriller anyway.

The movie gives you chills since the very start with an awesome acting by James McAvoy and some seriously good still scenes. The overall scenes make you have a weird feeling, something it succeeds to transfer to the viewer that you probably won't be able to describe. That makes this thriller stand out in a good way.

Maybe Split makes a unrealistic representation of dissociative identity disorder, and that can be a big turnoff, but this is a great movie nonetheless.Read more

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Split created a milestome in theaters whereas total earnigs is still to be estimated.Tv Stars AmyFerguson,AnnaMouglalis,MorganSpector also showed outstanding performance in their respective roles.This Drama,Fantasy movie recently crossed over 11667 on the internet,released in 2016.So we welcome you all to watch Split movie in full hd resolutions 480p 720p(The Best present over the internet) Alongs with english subtitles, Yes we Do have embed english subtitles and downloading links.site is currently supported by filmywap and 123movies.

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