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Ratings: 8/10
Realeased on: 2018
Genre(s): Comedy,Drama,Romance
Star Cast: JenniferGarner,JoshDuhamel,LoganMiller,NickRobinson,JorgeLendeborgJr.,AlexandraShipp,KatherineLangford,KeiynanLonsdale

Userviews: 8707
Userrating: 88/100
Imdb: tt5164432

Synopsis: A young coming-of-age teenage boy, Simon Spier, goes through a different kind of Romeo and Juliet story. Simon has a love connection with a boy, Blue, by email, but the only problem is that Simon has no idea who he's talking to. Simon must discover who that boy is--who Blue is. Along the way, he tried to find himself as well..

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I had to see this movie. It reminded me I had a lot of great friends in high school. I had girlfriends. But I had one huge ass secret. I was gay. I didn't have the strength to come out in high school, but God did I want to. I graduated in 93' so things are much different now, but still very scary to come out I'm sure. I am out now and my life has been different ever since. Better ever since. I did not lose a single friend when I came out. I gained a new family of friends. I encourage anyone younger, or older, that is not out to do so. BUT, only when you are ready. You'll know when the time is right.

This might just be one of the most important movies of the year. I believe there needs to be more movies like this. Being gay is HARD enough and kids commit suicide far too often dealing with it and other issues. Everyone deserves to love. Everyone deserves to be happy. Please go see this movie! Peace!Read more

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Love, Simon created a milestome in theaters whereas total earnigs is still to be estimated.Tv Stars JenniferGarner,JoshDuhamel,LoganMiller,NickRobinson,JorgeLendeborgJr.,AlexandraShipp,KatherineLangford,KeiynanLonsdale also showed outstanding performance in their respective roles.This Comedy,Drama,Romance movie recently crossed over 8707 on the internet,released in 2018.So we welcome you all to watch Love, Simon movie in full hd resolutions 480p 720p(The Best present over the internet) Alongs with english subtitles, Yes we Do have embed english subtitles and downloading is currently supported by filmywap and 123movies.

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