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Ratings: 5/10
Realeased on: 2012
Genre(s): Action,Thriller
Star Cast: C.J.Thomason

Userviews: 7617
Userrating: 84/100
Imdb: tt5797772

Synopsis: Nine desperate survivors of a nuclear holocaust must decide whether to die in their shelter or face the unknown terrors of the outside world. They have to wait for news from the government while fending off hunger, radiation sickness, and a horde of frightened and dying refugees..

Aftermath reviews Filmywap

Let's get one thing straight right away - this show is a disaster. With a decent budget actually. It is beyond me why this mess was approved in the first place, but having seen the pilot, I'm really wondering who in their right mind OKed the script. Casting is poor and the characters are like card-board cutouts with zero common sense or natural reactions. The lack of realistic emotional reaction is so extreme you start wondering if maybe the main characters are losing their minds as well.

*** Mild spoilers ahead ***

Watching the pilot is a very strange experience. The amount of various disasters and strange events is so huge that the show feels like a disaster theme park. It's grotesque. It's like the writers couldn't settle for one challenge, so we get worlds largest hurricanes, fish and snakes and cars falling out of the sky, demon possessions, volcano eruptions, freezing oceans, flying people, zombies, earthquakes, mass paranoia, fires, food shortages... Seriously, I was waiting for aliens, because that's pretty much the only thing left.

Some of the characters actions were so unbelievable that it felt almost like this is a parody show. But it's not. And that's possibly it's biggest fault. Had they gone down the comedy route, than this TV show might have made some sense. As it stands, avoid this mess and spend your time on something better.Read more

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Aftermath created a milestome in theaters whereas total earnigs is still to be estimated.Tv Stars C.J.Thomason also showed outstanding performance in their respective roles.This Action,Thriller movie recently crossed over 7617 on the internet,released in 2012.So we welcome you all to watch Aftermath movie in full hd resolutions 480p 720p(The Best present over the internet) Alongs with english subtitles, Yes we Do have embed english subtitles and downloading is currently supported by filmywap and 123movies.

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