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Ratings: 7/10
Realeased on: 2018
Genre(s): Action,Adventure,Drama
Star Cast: ShaileneWoodley,SamClaflin,JeffreyThomas,ElizabethHawthorne

Userviews: 8535
Userrating: 76/100
Imdb: tt6306064

Synopsis: A true story of survival, as a young couple's chance encounter leads them first to love, and then on the adventure of a lifetime as they face one of the most catastrophic hurricanes in recorded history..

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I was a little worried going in that knowing the true story would dull the impact. I didn't need to. As I was watching the movie, I found myself forgetting all about it and just rooting for them to survive. That's the power of great acting and story telling. The structure of the film was brilliant. Starting with the aftermath of the hurricane and then alternating between the story of Tami and Richard falling in love and building a relationship and the one of them trying to survive worked on many levels. It helped give both stories a sense of time passage while keeping the film moving at great pace. But even more importantly when the two stories converged they did it so perfectly at the moment so precise, it made the gut punch I felt twice as strong. Of course none of this would have worked if the acting weren't so heartbreakingly real. Shailene Woodley made everything Tami felt so vivid and palpable, it was like I felt it with her. She was assisted beautifully by Sam Claflin in what I consider the definition of a great supporting performance. He was given little to work with and some questionable quality lines (which he magically stripped of all cheese). Yet he made Richard a living, breathing human being, so loving and lovable, that when Shailene's Tami was smitten by him, it was impossible not to be smitten along with her, and when she was heartbroken for him... Well, I am still heartbroken.Read more

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Adrift created a milestome in theaters whereas total earnigs is still to be estimated.Tv Stars ShaileneWoodley,SamClaflin,JeffreyThomas,ElizabethHawthorne also showed outstanding performance in their respective roles.This Action,Adventure,Drama movie recently crossed over 8535 on the internet,released in 2018.So we welcome you all to watch Adrift movie in full hd resolutions 480p 720p(The Best present over the internet) Alongs with english subtitles, Yes we Do have embed english subtitles and downloading is currently supported by filmywap and 123movies.

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