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Ratings: 8/10
Realeased on: 2018
Genre(s): Drama,Horror,Thriller
Star Cast: EmilyBlunt,JohnKrasinski,MillicentSimmonds,NoahJupe,LeonRussom

Userviews: 8782
Userrating: 83/100
Imdb: tt6644200

Synopsis: A family is forced to live in silence while hiding from creatures that hunt by sound..

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This is a good movie if one is willing to overlook the hundreds, literally hundreds, of logical fallacies in this movie. Other reviews give a good overview of the plot, I'm not looking to do that here. I just want to point out some plot inconsistencies and/or the lack of critical thinking that the characters demonstrate. I will list a few of my observations below.

1. They go to a waterfall where they can scream as loud as they want and the monsters can't hear them. Why not live there? They could fish and collect drinking water near the river. The monsters would probably stay away from the area since the sound of the falls would impede their hunting ability.

2. When taking a walk, does anyone seriously let the youngest child of the group walk behind them. Why on earth would they let a young boy walk a hundred yards behind the adults in such a dangerous situation. They can't even correct the boy if he makes any mistakes, and indeed this results in his death.

3. How on earth did they get the corn planted? By hand? After 400+ days you wouldn't see corn in nice little neat rows like it was planted by farm equipment.

4. Since the monsters can't hear you if there is a loud sound nearby, why not bring out one of the downstairs speakers and blast something 24/7 on one of the nearby trees or on top of the house? The monsters would get used to the sound and leave the area alone, leaving the family to talk in peace.

5. What human with a brain wouldn't consider making a soundproof room. They could go to the city, get a bunch of foam, blankets, pillows, whatever, and plaster it around one of the larger rooms until they created an effective sound barrier. In the movie, a single mattress pulled over a walkway is an effective sound shield. Imagine how effective they could be if they put some ACTUAL effort into soundproofing the room.

6. Apparently the monsters can be killed by shotguns? The entire military was wiped out, with all the weaponry of the finest military in the world rendered useless against the monsters, but Emily Blunt shoots one in the head and kills it? Right.

7. The mother, Emily Blunt, is pregnant. Why would you bring a newborn child into this world, when the child will surely jeopardize the safety of the entire family. You know that babies cry right? Pull out or use a condom.

8. If the monsters can hear the faintest sound from far way, why do they have trouble hearing sounds that even humans can decipher at close range. A baby crying, a mother's heavy breathing, a persons heartbeat. All of these things would be loud to a creature that hear can hear footstep from a half mile away.

9. The mother's water breaks and she starts having the baby. She tries to contain her gasps and walks downstairs only to step on a nail on the stairway. She lets out a sound and falls, causing the monsters to hunt her down and nearly kill her and the newborn child. However, just in time, she is saved by fireworks designed to distract the monsters. Instead of removing the nail like any sane person, they just ignore it and leave it sticking up on the stairs for someone else to step on. Dumb.

This movie isn't terrible, with great acting and a pretty unique backstory. But the glaring logical fallacies and the idiocracy of the characters made the movie completely unwatchable for me. The monsters don't really seem that formidable after further inspection, and if the family followed any of the tips I mention, they could live with little difficulty.Read more

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